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How to buy an apartment in the current times? We give you the keys

Our way of buying, making decisions and living has changed radically in these years. All industries are transforming, including real estate. However, that there is some uncertainty does not mean that it is necessary to put your investment plans on hold, but that you must take new routes to make decisions. Do not postpone that long-awaited purchase of an apartment in Polanco; instead, find solutions to make that purchase safely, we tell you how.

Rely on Google Maps to know exactly where the developments you have contemplated for purchase are

Today almost all developments have a website where the address comes. You can know which area everyone is in with a visit on Google Maps. Although through this visit you will not be able to see the infrastructure well, you will be able to take note of the location, what is around and if it looks good for you. With this you can make a first filter.

Choose developments that are completed or close to completion

Although pre-sales are tempting, in your first search leave in your list of possibilities only complete developments, close to completion or very reliable developers. Online and online presence says a lot about credibility and the internet can help you do more research.

Call sales reps

Once you have a shorter list of developments after following the first two points, schedule phone calls with the advisors and sellers of the developments that continue to catch your eye. Solve with them all the doubts you have, ask them to tell you their offers, benefits and possibilities.

Review all available albums and videos

The visual material on the web pages of the developments is a guide to understanding the space, the details and how the finishes look. You will also be able to see the status of amenities and common areas. Love for an apartment comes first from sight, so videos and photographs can help you filter out the ones you like best.

When you have reduced options, make a physical visit

Instead of making physical visits to all possible developments, with these filters you will have fewer options and you will not have to go to so many sites, so you will be safer. Make the most of that physical visit to check the construction, finishes, spaces, sound and light. All are key points to make your life in a new apartment happy.

Take advantage of all the benefits of networks, internet and technology so as not to postpone the purchase of an apartment in Polanco that you were waiting for. There are many tools at hand for you to make the decision without having to make many physical visits to the developments, and you will save yourself several steps from the comfort and safety of your home.

Although we live in times of some uncertainty, real estate investment is still safe, and good apartments in luxurious areas of Mexico City continue to have a lot of value. Buying an apartment in Polanco is still a smart investment decision, as it has always been Meet Miyana Residencial!.