Miyana Residencial - luxury apartment in Polanco

Are you looking for a luxury apartment in Polanco? Make sure they count on this.

Amenities have become, without a doubt, the great differentiator when it comes to buying luxury apartments in Polanco or any other area of the CDMX. That is why before acquiring an apartment in Polanco, it is highly recommended that you first make a comparison of the amenities that have some developments over others, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and the lifestyle you want to lead once you move.

Amenities are very important for a reason: when you have them, you technically have more services than just having a roof and a place to live. You can take advantage of everything that the amenities offer to make your life easier and more pleasant, so you do not have to leave the development to go to a gym, to have a party, or to enjoy a good meal. They encourage you to leave your apartment, not to be locked up and to enjoy, safely, pleasant places to reward yourself for the day to day.

But how do you know which amenities are really useful? If you are looking for a luxury apartment in Polanco, these are the four basic amenities that any complex in the area should have if what you are looking for is to give quality of life to its tenants. Make sure they have them and that they are accessible before making the purchase.


A gym can help you improve your quality of life by a two-by-three. There is nothing like the comfort of having it in your home, not only because of the savings it means with respect to other gyms, but also because you will find a safer, less congested environment, and because you will not have to struggle with the issue of mobility, so it is more difficult for you to get discouraged by having to move.


Nothing speaks of luxury like a spa in amenities. The day to day can be very stressful, the weather runs relentlessly, but if you have a luxury apartment in Polanco, it also has to come with the comforts of a spa, where you can relax and have a good time away from the hustle and bustle of the routine.

Green areas

Green areas are necessary for oxygenation, relaxation and some outdoor exercises. If you are going to buy an apartment in Polanco, make sure that the development has enough green areas so that you can enjoy the view and tranquility, that they are well maintained and where you can feel in contact with nature.

Swimming pool

The pool is a big differentiator when it comes to amenities. If you have it, you don’t have to travel long distances to cool off and swim. And it serves not only for fun, but also for exercising and maintaining a healthy life. If in addition to the pool there is a splash pad for the little ones, then it is a plus that you can not miss.

All these amenities can make a difference in your life: in habits and routines, in mood and in health. And the offer does not end here, it can be extended. In the case of Miyana Polanco, for example, we took the idea of luxury apartments even further: we incorporated a restaurant, toy library, homework rooms, game rooms, areas for yogalovers, beauty salon and a pet-friendly garden ideal for those who have an extended family. Nothing is missing.

For us, the most important thing is your comfort and your safety, and the possibility that you enjoy the lifestyle you deserve and that you always wanted. Amenities are indispensable when you want a comprehensive quality of life, because they are designed in order to give you just that.

If you want to live in a luxury apartment in Polanco with the best offer in terms of amenities, we are your option. Come and meet our departments, we have all the security measures so that your experience is extraordinary from beginning to end.