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Advantages of buying an apartment in Polanco

Buying an apartment in Polanco can change your life, we tell you why

Buying an apartment in Polanco means living in the most coveted and sought-after area of Mexico City. It is synonymous with luxury and comfort, as it is one of the most exclusive and most added neighborhoods.

Located in the Miguel Hidalgo Mayor’s Office,Polanco is a dream neighborhood for those who are in search of the best place to live, settle or invest. And the colony does not lack anything: from estate developments out of series, luxury apartments, first class shopping areas, parks, restaurants and a bustling but not annoying nightlife, it is the ideal place to live.

Why buy an apartment in Polanco? We will detail some of the main advantages to convince you that the area may be the best option to invest in your heritage, your future, and that of your family.

The location is unbeatable

Polanco is located in the heart of Mexico City and it is very easy to reach the colony through different access roads. And so it is also very easy to leave it to reach other places. It is central, accessible and also has public transport and other mobility options. You can get quickly to Paseo de la Reforma or Periférico, as well as having quick access to other areas of the mayor’s office such as Chapultepec or Mariano Escobedo.

Not only is it a residential center, it is also a business center

Polanco not only boasts extraordinary residential complexes, it is also home to some of the city’s most important businesses. It is a place of creatives, but also of experts in finance, banks and whatever you can think of. Due to its location, the beauty of the area and the safety of its buildings, it has become a business center. If you work in the area, buying an apartment in Polanco will make your life easier.

You will find the best restaurants in the city

The gastronomic offer of Polanco is unbeatable and also very varied. There are options for all tastes and budgets, for those looking for new flavors and for those just looking for a comfort meal. The offer is national and international, and if not, you will also find many street stalls, strategically positioned for office workers but ideal for anyone to enjoy. There is everything.

It is a place full of culture

By buying an apartment in Polanco, you are also buying a quick pass for access to a lot of culture. In the area you can find many exclusive art galleries, but also, from there, you can quickly reach other museums in the city such as the Tamayo Museum or the Museum of Modern Art, as they are within the same mayor’s office.

Unbeatable commercial offer

There is no better area in the city for shopping. In Polanco is the most important avenue in the country in terms of luxury shops: Masaryk Avenue, with large brands in shop windows and wide sidewalks for you to walk with tranquility. There are also many shopping malls with top-notest shops, cinemas, and more restaurants worth exploring.

It’s a safe investment

Property values in Polanco are constantly growing. Polanco is still a valuable area and that is why investing in buying an apartment is a smart move. It is an exclusive and luxurious area where properties are always acquiring more value.

Wide variety of parks and gardens

Despite all the advantages mentioned above, Polanco is an area that not only focuses on commerce and housing, it also has a wide variety of green areas for the colony to breathe. Among the most emblematic are the Winston Churchill Garden and Lincoln Park, where you can also find food and crafts on weekends.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy an apartment in Polanco. The area is the most exclusive in Mexico City, but also the most complete and the most cosmopolitan. Living here, you will not lack anything else, because everything will always be at your fingertips. Live the satisfaction of being in a place where every day you can have new and rewarding experiences. Meet Miyana Polanco,we are your choice in luxury apartments in the best spot in the city.