apartments in Polanco

Get to know what stands out among the other departments in Polanco

Polanco is an ideal place to live because the area does not lack anything: road communication, entertainment spaces, restaurants and a unique residential offer of its kind are the main components that place it as a great favorite of the real estate branch. Today, buying apartments in Polanco is synonymous with a good investment for that very reason.

There are many options of apartments in Polanco and given this proliferation, it can be difficult to decide between all of them, how to know which one to buy for a better quality of life? To answer this question, we must consider several details that sometimes we do not take into account, but that end up being very important for our daily lives.

We must know how to identify the benefits of all the developments and departments that can make our lives simple. What are they? Below we present a small list to guide you.

Exclusive amenities

It is difficult to find developments that do not have amenities, but not all of them have the level of those we have in Miyana Residencial. We choose amenities that help you maintain a healthy, relaxed and happy lifestyle. At the end of the day, we believe that the important thing is that being at home you have the opportunity to feel good about yourself, disconnect and take advantage of your free hours.

Architecture and design

Architecture and design are an essential part of a safe, quiet and comfortable life. It is very important that the building is sustainable as well as safe, since we live in a city with certain land risks. The building must be well constructed and the interiors must have personality to achieve a unique combination of comfort, good taste and tranquility.

Guaranteed security

Although the area is already very safe, it never hurts to have security within the development. When choosing an apartment in Polanco, look for a place that gives you certainty about safety. There’s nothing like knowing that, in your home, you and yours are well protected.

Pet Friendly

We are a development that welcomes all types of families. We know that pets are important, that they are part of our history and that we love them because they are family. That is why our development is designed to be pet friendly, with areas where pets are always welcome.

Privileged location

The entire area of Polanco has access to entertainment, restaurant and avenues, however, there are streets that are better located thanks to the communities that are directly linked to hospitals, squares and corporations. Miyana Residencial is close to Ejército Nacional, Blvd. Miguel Cervantes Saavedra and Prolongación Moliere, so its location is unbeatable.

If you are looking for an apartment in Polanco to start a new chapter in your life, take care of these details. In the end, what matters is that you are comfortable, that the apartment adapts to your lifestyle and your expectations. Get to know Miyana Residencial through our virtual system and convince yourself.