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Are there luxury apartment options that are pet-friendly? We have the answer

If you are looking for a new apartment to buy or rent, you may have a list of requirements with you to choose from. If among those requirements is that the development in which you are going to install is Pet-friendly,the odyssey of finding an apartment can become more complicated than you imagined. When you up the ante to luxury apartments, it can be three times as difficult.

We all have different priorities, whether you need a certain number of rooms, or the bathroom floor is of a certain material, or you require the location to be in the heart of Polanco, there are always options. But what happens when it comes to finding a place for a pet that has also become a life partner?, how to find ideal luxury apartments that have everything you need and are pet-friendly?, do they exist?

The good news is that they do exist, but many developments may tell you that they are pet-friendly without having the right conditions for any type of pet. So not only the word is enough, but with other specifications to which you should pay attention:

The interior space

Depending on the size of your pet, you should consider the size of the interior of the apartment. They should be spaces where your pets do not feel locked up and where they can walk calmly. Check that the floors are not slippery, or that they are easy to clean for any eventuality or accident. If your pets are large, you need a spacious apartment.

Outer space

Many developments today feature amenities and commonly used green areas for breathing fresh air. But not all of them have outdoor space intended for pets. Check that the green areas are suitable for them and that there are spaces limited to pets in general. You need a space for your pet to exercise, breathe, run and be happy.

Good views

Cats and dogs like windows very much. If your apartment has an interesting view, it will be a plus for them, especially when they can not go outside. With cats there is not much problem with the choice of sight while it is entertaining, but if you have a dog, look for the view not to alter it so that it does not bark at the things that happen in front of the window.


To avoid problems with your neighbors, look for a development that makes it clear from the beginning that it is pet-friendly. If you can easily see it on their website or on their social networks, you can assume that your neighbors also saw it and that there will be no problems. Instead, you must also respect the rules of the common areas, the noise and the limit of pets allowed per apartment.


Look for off-development options for your pets: is it close to parks or wide streets where you can walk them, is it close to veterinarians and other pet services? Make sure the area is also good for them at a short distance, so you don’t have to make long trips for doctor’s visits, restrooms, or daycare.

At Miyana Polanco we are pet friendly. If you are looking for luxury apartments that suit your lifestyle with everything and pets, then we are a good choice for you. Our priority is that all families find their place and feel comfortable, that they form a home. Pets are an essential part of many families, so we welcome them to a space that is also designed for them.