polanco apartment

When buying an apartment in Polanco, you will not miss anything

Polanco is one of the most exclusive areas of the CDMX, as well as the most remarkable for everything inside it. By buying an apartment in Polanco you are not only investing in a property, but in a whole lifestyle that goes beyond the walls of the apartment or the areas of development; it extends throughout Polanco, which has a lot to offer.

Polanco is located in the Miguel Hidalgo delegation, and has access roads to all the other important areas of the CDMX and the Valley of Mexico. But in addition to that advantage with respect to the location, it also stands out for being a place full of culture, novelties and luxury.

The colony is cosmopolitan and eclectic. It hosts embassies, museums and first-class residential areas. That is why its level is high, because of the multiplicity of cultures that converge there.

We will go step by step through the best of the area, so you can have a broad overview of the advantages of buying an apartment in Polanco if it is about culture, entertainment and lifestyle.

First class shopping centers

Polanco has the best shopping centers in the city. You can visit Plaza Carso, Plaza Antara or the Iron Palace with its particular architectural design. And these are just some of the places available. In all these squares you will find a variety of shops, cinemas and other entertainment offers.

The best restaurants

The most renowned restaurants are in Polanco. You can find options for all budgets and all tastes, because nothing escapes the gastronomic offer. You will never need a Starbucks,but when you want other types of experiences you can also choose to go to Pujol,the best restaurant in Mexico. The possibilities are many even for the most demanding palate.

Art galleries

For art collectors or for those who want to have an intimate experience with new artistic expressions, Polanco has a wide variety of galleries such as the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, the Oscar Román gallery or Proyectos Monclova. It is worth scheduling visits in all areas of the area, as they always have very interesting proposals.


Polanco is close to the most emblematic museums of the CDMX, such as the Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Modern Art, or the Museum of Anthropology. That is because of the proximity of the area with the Chapultepec Forest.

Options to enjoy nature

Another of the great attractions of Polanco is that you can visit the incredible Inbursa Aquarium to get to know a little of the marine life. And that if you like outdoor activities you can go to Lincoln Park or move to Chapultepec.

Many school options

If you have children, you will appreciate that in Polanco there are many high-level schools for the education of the youngest of your family. There is a large network of educational systems in different institutes so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your loved ones.

Do you need more reasons to buy an apartment in Polanco? Decide on this colony that has it all and that will make you feel happy between luxury, comfort and the many options so that you have an incredible life every day.