Amenities can make the difference between the wide variety of apartments for sale in Polanco, know which are the most popular

Although there is a wide variety of apartments for sale in Polanco, the big difference between them usually lies in something very special: the amenities. These exist with the aim of creating a comfortable living experience for everyone who lives in a development of a certain level, and give more value to the property in general.

There are all kinds of amenities: there can be basic amenities that serve for coexistence and as common areas such as roof gardens or gardens, even more sophisticated as spas. The more exclusive, useful and with greater possibilities to raise the quality of life of anyone, the more value they add.

Below, we present the list of the most popular amenities in Miyana. Those that make us stand out from all the other apartments for sale in Polanco and that make the difference in the experience of living here.

Swimming pool

This is one of the most sought after amenities to accompany the purchase of a luxury apartment. They are ideal for the hot season, also for living together and for exercising. In our development we not only have a pool, but also a splash pad for the little ones and a jacuzzi for exclusive use.


Another of the most sought-after amenities is our spa. It serves to relax after a heavy day or to take advantage of the weekends with a complete treatment that makes you feel refreshed. At Miyana Polanco we complement the spa with a beauty salon for the days when you want to refresh yourself completely, and feel good inside and out.


Gyms are very popular and in demand among the amenities of luxury apartments. They allow tenants to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to travel long distances to reach it. Also, since they are within an exclusive development, they don’t have to deal with them being full or inaccessible. Our development not only has a gym, it also has a pilates room as a complement for those looking for comprehensive results.

Games room

A games room is ideal to spend free time and give yourself a little leisure. It is the perfect place to relax while having fun with a board game or a game of billiards. The best developments offer game rooms that improve coexistence, but we also gave it an addition: we also have a toy library so that children do not miss the fun. Both are equipped with everything you need to have a good time.

Jogging track

Developments that have outdoor exercise spaces are highly sought after and in demand. Keeping in touch with nature while exercising brings many physical and mental benefits. In Miyana Polanco, in addition to this track, we added a soccer field and a pet friendly area to expand the possibilities.

What are the amenities you’ve always dreamed of? Miyana Polanco doesn’t need any. Each of our exclusive amenities is designed for you to live the best version of your life. Get to know our apartments for sale in Polanco and start enjoying all these benefits.