We tell you what you should consider if you want to take the big step of buying an apartment in Polanco with your partner

The picture is this: you have been with your partner long enough to know that the next natural step is to buy an apartment in Polanco together. They want to start a new stage and create a heritage, but they do not know very well where to start, or what they should consider. Do not be discouraged, we have the keys to make a successful purchase from start to finish. We guide you step by step.


Before buying an apartment together, you need to have an honest conversation about what you both expect from buying a property. They must be very clear about who will be the owner, why and what will be done in case of a separation. Although it sounds like a complicated conversation, it is essential that they are on the same page. In this same conversation they must also decide the financial contributions of each one, because this way they will know how to divide the property if the case were to occur.

Set goals

Make a suitable budget for you and based on it, decide on times in a matter of money and savings. These goals are created based on the financial situation, fixed expenses, the type of lifestyle they want to share, and a savings for contingencies. Define an approximate date to reach the goal.

Define obligations

You must be clear about who is going to take care of the mortgage or credit payments, who is going to check that everything is in order, who is going to follow up on maintenance, taxes and repairs.

Find a place you both like

It is best that both agree with the place they are going to buy. The space should be defined according to the goals and future projects they have in common, for example, if they will have children, or how many pets they have, if they need separate studies, if they will have visits very often. Everything counts to make the decision.

Think you are making an investment

When choosing, it is also convenient for them to see the choice as a possible investment. In the future, the situation may change for you: that you will move to another country, that you will fall in love with another property. Anything can happen, but if they buy a good apartment and preferably do it in a luxury development with amenities and other benefits, then the return on their investment will be great.

If possible, contact a real estate advisor and an accountant to guide you through the entire process of acquiring a property together. In this way, they will be more understood and protected than they can and cannot do, and will be shielded against any difficulties that may arise.

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