We tell you why buying apartments in Polanco is a great investment

The Polanco area is one of the most interesting and important in Mexico City, and when we talk about real estate investment, it is also one of the most beneficial. Located in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, near the Bosque de Chapultepec and Periférico, it is an attractive place for those who develop real estate and therefore, also for those who seek to invest through the purchase of first-class apartments.

Polanco has long been known for being a comfortable, safe and guarded place. Safety ratings are high both on the streets and in developments, so people prefer to live there when they want a place where they can feel calm. In addition to that, it is an area full of cultural life, with many entertainment offers throughout its beautiful streets. In that sense, Polanco does not lack anything.

The builders and developers are in charge of keeping the area up to par. That is where the most luxurious and avant-garde projects are built, and not only in terms of apartments and housing: offices and restaurants, shops and museums, also have a first-class infrastructure and design that keeps the place at the top of modernity. The aesthetic has never been broken by a bad construction.

Therefore, Polanco maintains prices that are increasing, or that remain stable. Properties in Polanco have been increasing in price and value, amid an equally stable real estate market.

According to Real Estate Market,the prices of the apartments for sale are on the rise, especially if they are new, as they reach an increase of 1.8%. And the numbers show that the area has had an increase in terms of surplus value as well, almost 3.6%, in addition there is agility in the market, that is, that the ads of sale and rent move fast, and the properties are acquired at high speed.

The purchase of apartments in Polanco is a very attractive investment, especially for foreign markets. Luxury apartments are one of the most popular options not only because they have large spaces, but also because they have amenities and other benefits depending on the development in which they are located.

Foreign investment has found a lot of movement in the purchase and rent of these places, ways to do business. However, domestic investment has not been left behind. The behavior of the market has made this investment the most profitable, the one that brings more value in the short and long term equally.

Investing in your wealth also counts

Sometimes investing is not only about doing business, but also about finding the best option to start forming your wealth. Investment is not only about those who are dedicated to real estate, there are also people who care about the future of their personal or their families. A property in Polanco is a great option if you are looking for a safe, luxurious and comfortable home, which will also guarantee value over many years.

Investing in wealth is just as important as investing in business. It will help you feel safe, secure and supported. In addition, the property is yours and in the long run, if it does not work as a home, then you can rent it or sell it again. You don’t need to be a real estate expert to intuitively get the most out of a luxury apartment.

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