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If you are looking for a pet, these are the best options if you live in an apartment in Polanco

If your apartment in Polanco is pet-friendly and you are thinking of adding one more member to the family, then it is important that you look for a dog that can adapt well to the space of an apartment. Some dog breeds need larger spaces or gardens to be well, but there are other breeds that get along very well with small or medium spaces and can have a happy life in an apartment.

What are these dogs that could adapt well to this type of space? They are mostly small or medium dogs, but there are also other points to consider: if they shed a lot or little hair, if they have a reputation for being well behaved, if they are very noisy. When you’re in an apartment everything counts. Know the breeds that are best suited to the departments in the city.

Bichon Maltese

They are small or medium-sized dogs, very affectionate and intelligent, with the advantage that they almost do not shed hair. They weigh between 3 and 4 kilos, are easy to care for and get along well with children, in case your family includes them.

French Bulldog

This breed has become very popular in recent years. It is small, it is not usually very noisy so your neighbors will never have complaints in this aspect, although they say that it is still a good guard dog and is protective of their own.

Shih Tzu

For a long time, these dogs were bred to live indoors, and although there is a lot of difference between Chinese palaces and apartments in the city, the Shih Tzu prefers a quiet life. They are very affectionate and like attention, they are also good companions for children.

Boston Terrier

This dog is similar to the bulldog, with compact and muscular body. They are dogs that adapt well to departments, are loyal, ready and also good at socializing when they enter into trust.

Basset Hound

Loyal and affectionate dogs par excellence, who know how to take good care of children. They love to be lying down as long as they have a long walk at least once a day.


A breed much in demand by those who live in apartments. They are calm and have a relaxed aura. The care you should have with them is related to food and exercise, but you can keep them in shape with short walks.

On the other hand, there is also the option of adopting a dog. How do you know if you will be very big or if you can live in an apartment? Experts will help you project its size in the future according to its constitution. An adopted dog can be an ideal and loyal friend, and can also easily adapt to the space of an apartment, so it is convenient for you to consider this option, in addition to helping a puppy that needs you.

If your apartment in Polanco is pet-friendly, do not miss the opportunity to share your day to day with a dog. They are invaluable companions that will make your life happier. Just remember to be a responsible owner and take them for a walk every day to the areas designated for them Meet the pet-friendly area of Miyana Residencial!