Polanco apartment

If you are looking for an apartment in Polanco that is pet friendly, Miyana Residencial is your option

Pets are part of our family, it is an undeniable truth for those who have had cats, dogs, fish or any other pet. However, pets are not accepted everywhere, not even in developments or houses where owners are supposed to feel safe having their whole family together. Therefore, if you are looking for an apartment in Polanco and you have a pet, an option 100% pet friendly can give you peace of mind.

At Miyana Residencial we know that pets make us feel loved and safe. In addition to that, it is proven that dogs and cats can reduce stress, lower our blood pressure when we have it high, and help us fight the symptoms of depression. Living with a pet, playing with it and receiving its affection is very important and that is why we believe that it is necessary for housing and entertainment places to think of more spaces adapted to this coexistence.

There are few places in CDMX where the opening to pets is so open. However, at Miyana Residencial you will find facilities that will end your search. For us, making the spaces pet friendly also means that we trust our tenants and their responsibility towards the other inhabitants, which translates into a calm and safe community in which to live.

We know that if you’re looking for an apartment in Polanco, you expect everything to live up to your expectations, fit your lifestyle, and even make it better. This can be achieved through the amenities, but also with the opening to be pet friendly so you can have your whole family.

In addition, we know the benefits well. During the pandemic alone, many pet owners found that:

  1. La compañía de sus mascotas los hizo sentir menos solos The company of their pets made them feel less alone
  2. Se sintieron con menos estrés y ansiedad en general They felt less stress and anxiety in general
  3. Coexistence helped them fight against monotony
  4. Their pets provided them with some hope for the future

Their presence is powerful and necessary for good physical and mental health. In addition, pets provide security and even another means of exercise. They can give you so much when given the right care and love.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to invest in an apartment in Polanco to later sell it again, or rent it, we assure you that the fact that it is a pet-friendly space will allow you to see a faster return on investment, because today in Today many millennials with the purchasing power to rent or buy a luxury apartment in the area are strongly attached to their pets. It is known that a lot of time is wasted searching because most developments do not accept them, so Miyana Residencial is the most viable option.

Above all, we want that if you are looking for an apartment in Polanco, finding us makes your life easier. For us, pets are important and that is why we create our pet friendly spaces from the conception of the development. We want any type of family to feel welcomed and welcome in our space, that this is also a luxury to consider. We do not want to be a community that misses out on all the advantages of having pets in safe spaces. Come and meet your new apartment Contact us!