Polanco apartment

Discover the importance of sustainability in real estate projects and how they are reflected in your apartment in Polanco

Concern about climate change is a situation that can hardly be ignored in our day. It has become, over the last few years, a need that must be addressed in each and every one of the sectors that integrate human development in our cities and communities. One of these sectors is real estate, in which ingenuity and technological advances have led to us increasingly talking about projects that propose to seek that balance between avant-garde and sustainability.

Of course, covering a façade with plants or having gardens in the immediate vicinity is not enough in a sustainable real estate development, or an apartment in Polanco.

The reality (and need) is much more complex, and you should seek projects that stand out for their construction methods with less ecological impact, the use of eco-friendly materials, energy optimization and ventilation systems; as well as the operation and integration of these developments with the environment.

Miyana Residencial is a complex where sustainability works as one of its main planning guidelines. Our apartments in Polanco follow strict rules to comply.

Environmental impact of construction

All real estate construction generates an environmental impact; not only because of the materials used or the construction methods, but also because of the choice of suppliers and the distance between them and the project site. The greater the distance, the greater the travel time of the trucks that carry the materials from one place to another, and therefore, the greater the air and noise pollution.

For our development, building materials were chosen that were found at a distance of no more than 80 km from the site. An example of this is the façade of the Chapulín Tower, which was built with prefabricated concrete elements produced in a factory just 27 km away.

Ventilation and lighting

Residential complexes of such proportions need a design that benefits ventilation and natural lighting. The use of mechanical extractors and artificial lighting are therefore decreased considerably, which means energy savings! This results in a positive impact on the carbon footprint left by development,at build stage, but also as people are living there, this carbon footprint reductuion continues. Within our planning, we opted for lighting with LED technology throughout the complex, with a system of motion sensors that control the energy use in public areas.

A natural cross ventilation design was also chosen between the window system, so that the use of the prevailing winds of Mexico City was the most optimal. In addition, the glass of this window system has treatments according to its orientation, this to protect its inhabitants from solar radiation.

Materials, water treatment and green areas

In our efforts to make Miyana Residencial a development that met the highest standards of ecological principles, we sought that the materials for its construction were of recycled origin, as well as the elements of fixed furniture and wood carpentry.

On the other hand, the reuse of well water within the entire complex was optimized, which is filtered, treated and then reused for responsible use in the maintenance and irrigation systems of the green areas. Aware of the impact that the incorrect choice of vegetation can have on the amount of water needed for irrigation, we opted for endemic vegetation of Mexico City, thus contributing to water savings.

At Miyana Residencial, we are proud to be part of the awareness our city needs, and to demonstrate that avant-garde and modern design can go hand in hand with sustainable development and natural integration. Living in an apartment in Polanco with these characteristics, is priceless.