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Find out if adopting a pet is positive for your experience in an apartment in Polanco

Having a pet has many benefits: the love and companionship it gives you is invaluable, it helps you release stress, make yourself more responsible and more emotional and physical advantages. However, living in an apartment in Polanco may be grounds for hesitation to adopt a pet.

As a rule, many developments do not allow pets because, supposedly, they can damage the properties or disturb the common areas. These beliefs, however, do not take into consideration that these behaviors have more to do with the owner than with the pet itself.

Another point that generates doubt about whether or not to adopt a pet, has to do with space, especially with regard to large dogs, which must spend a lot of energy and exercise regularly. However, this also has a lot to do with the owner’s sense of responsibility and awareness.

It is a fact that adopting pets is a humane act of love. Millions of animals around the world enter shelters every day and face very difficult scenarios. Adoption rescues them and promises them a different life, full of positive possibilities for both them and you.

Adopted pets become part of a family and immediately acquire that sense of belonging. They help relieve day-to-day stress, reduce the overpopulation of abandoned animals, and also contribute to prevent the indiscriminate and irresponsible marketing of pets.

What should you consider before adopting a pet if you live in an apartment in Polanco? First of all, that the department is in a development that is pet friendly, where they understand the importance of an extended family and the love of animals. These types of developments usually have safe and special areas for pets, which also means that your life partner will have other dogs and cats to play with and live with if necessary.

Therefore, yes, you can adopt a pet if you live in an apartment in Polanco within a development that admits them. The key to success will always be in you, we help you achieve a full life with a pet in the apartment:

  • Make sure you have time to tend to your pet. Although your apartment in Polanco is very beautiful, she will not enjoy it in solitude just as you could enjoy it. Consider that he needs you.
  • Remember that you should choose a small or medium-sized dog, if possible. If you live in an urban area like Polanco and you don’t usually go out much, it’s best not to adopt a dog that doesn’t require a lot of energy. Look for smaller dogs, which no longer need so much training, that is, that are at least one year old.
  • Make sure you’re ready to serve them financially and emotionally. Pets are a responsibility and you should take care of them.
  • Know well the spaces of development where your pet can be so that you know where to take it and what places of it can travel and enjoy together.

In Miyana Residencial we believe that families of all kinds deserve space and security, that is why we are a pet friendly development with special areas for pets. Get to know our apartments in Polanco, adopt and start an incredible lifestyle with us.