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Know what surplus value is and how to make sure that a place has it, when buying an apartment

Investing in an apartment is a very important decision: it is the place where you may live for a while, the place that will allow you to have financial stability and that will pay off in the long term, the place that you will leave to your family and that will be part of your legacy. Buying an apartment, for all this, is a great step that you can not take without knowledge of whether the investment will be profitable or not.

When we talk about buying an apartment, we talk about the word “surplus value”. It is well known that real estate tends to increase in value over time and that it generates profits very quickly, however, it is important to buy a place that has this so-called surplus value so that profits start from the beginning. The surplus value is, precisely, the increase in value of a land, a house or an apartment, which is acquired over time.

There are some key points to know if a place has surplus value or not. You must take into account all these points to choose where to make a smart investment and which department to buy. Some of them are:

The location

Where is the apartment you want to buy located? The land where it is located can increase or decrease the surplus value. It is important that you know well the areas of the city where you want to buy, because although it is a trend that the value rises when it comes to real estate, if the area is not projected as positive, that value may not be too much or stagnate. The areas that are considered at risk are those that are exposed to gas plants, water channels, prisons and where there is insecurity in general. Therefore, you should look in an area that is safe, where there are several shops and that has a good reputation.

Mobility and connectivity

Having nearby access roads will always be good for the value of an apartment, if it is in a central area or where there are important avenues. It will also matter if there is public transport. A place with an avenue like President Masaryk, which has a metro station, offices and business centers nearby, has a lot of surplus value.

Services & Entertainment

The most attractive places to buy apartment are those that have quick access to health services, schools, universities and entertainment options. In the case of Polanco, you find first-class hospitals, schools, museums, galleries and shopping malls, and all this is very attractive for buyers.


Today it is very important that developments have differentiators. When buying an apartment, choose one that has exclusive amenities that give more value to the place. Having gyms, spas, sports courts and other indoor services that allow you to have an extraordinary quality of life can be a great point in favor to increase the surplus value.

Consider all this when buying an apartment, to ensure that your investment is positive for you. With a good surplus value, your apartment will increase its value exponentially and you can rent it or even sell it at a very good price. Learn about the options of Miyana Residencial, a development in the heart of Polanco; its great value is a fact.