Polanco apartment

We tell you how to prevent the move to your new apartment in Polanco from becoming an odyssey

Brand new apartment in Polanco can be very exciting. A new stage is in front of you; new spaces, neighbors, amenities and surroundings to explore await you. However, there is something that stands between you and this new life: the move. Moving can always be a headache if you don’t have the organization and anticipation needed for this big change.

How we want all your experience when you arrive at your new one Polanco apartment be exceptional, we create these tips for moving that can serve you regardless of whether it is your first time or if you are already a veteran of the Moving but they have not gone very well. Take note and don’t be afraid of this movement.

Make a selection of things before packing

Much of what you have in your current apartment or home may not be necessary for your new apartment in Polanco, that includes clothes, crockery and any other objects that are no longer indispensable to you. Follow the golden rule: if you haven’t used something in a year, it means you don’t need it. You can even make a selection of the objects that you only keep for nostalgia and make an emotional reassessment of them to stay only with what really matters and that will contribute something to your new life.

Befriend garbage bags and raffia

Instead of storing everything in boxes or containers, use garbage bags to store clothes and other whites. You can also tie the books with raffia in small groups to make it easier to load them from one place to another. When you keep the books in boxes you can fill them with more and they become very difficult to move, even for expert mudanceros.

Schedule your moving service in advance

You would be surprised at how quoted these types of services are and how difficult it is to schedule the service with little time in advance. That’s why research moving services somewhere between your old home and your new apartment in Polanco, preferably near this second point. Do it with time and review options so that you stay with the best.

Make a list of priorities

What is the most important thing you should unpack?, what are the things you should have accommodated yes or yes on your first night? The list will allow you to keep perspective and unpack in order of priorities so you don’t feel overwhelmed with a lot of things outside that you don’t urgently need. In that sense, it is also very important that you label each box and each bag so that you know what is there and do not have to open everything at once looking for things.

Embrace the chaos a bit

No move is perfect, even with prevention. Moving means having a little chaos in your life for a while, but that won’t last forever. Getting overwhelmed during this season is normal, when it happens try to take some time for yourself and reconnect before continuing with it.

We hope that the move to your apartment in Polanco is as bearable as possible, and that you enjoy this new stage of your life in Miyana Residencial.