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After buying an apartment in Polanco, take advantage of the area

You already have your apartment in Polanco, you have already toured all the amenities that Miyana Residencial has for you and you made the most of them. Now it’s time to enjoy the surroundings as well.

Polanco is the most vibrant, cosmopolitan and entertaining area of Mexico City, where you can learn about national and international culture, and has many unmissable treasures; we collect for you some of the best.

Soumaya Museum

The Soumaya Museum, on Boulevard Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, has become a benchmark for the inhabitants of Polanco. The architecture of Fernando Romero stands out from among all the buildings in the area and it is impossible not to see it. In addition, it has an important collection of impressionists, sculptures by Auguste Rodin, European Masters, New Hispanic Masters and Mexican artists of the stature of David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera.

Inbursa Aquarium

An unforgettable place that is also on boulevard Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, ideal for adults and children. You will be able to see live species from Antarctica and the Amazon alike, in a spacious and fun environment surrounded by corals, jellyfish and seahorses.

Jumex Museum

If contemporary art catches your eye, the Jumex Museum is the ideal place to meet the most recent creators in the world of art. In this museum there are always innovative exhibitions made for the public to interact, question and understand art in a different way. An unmissable experience.

President Masaryk Avenue

If shopping is your preference, Polanco has the most important and luxurious shopping avenue in Mexico City. In Presidente Masaryk you will find boutiques, jewelry stores, dealerships and everything you need for your lifestyle. You can also stop at the cafes and restaurants there.

Parish of San Agustín

This parish is very interesting thanks to its imposing architecture. Its architectural value, in fact, has made it the most photographed temple in the area, and is the work of architect Leonardo Noriega and engineer Juan Valero Capetillo. This monumental work has been standing since 1949.

Siqueiros Public Art Room

This is a legacy of David Alfaro Siqueiros to the people of Mexico. It is a historical place where propaganda was created in favor of Siqueiros when he was imprisoned in 1960. In 1969, Siqueiros turned it into a Public Art Room to theorize and teach about spatial composition and talk about art with future generations of creators. Here you can see records of some murals he made. Today this place is a museum but also a center of learning contemporary art.


Enrique Olvera is today one of the most sought-after Mexican chefs internationally. Eno is a more accessible option than its famous Pujol, but without losing the quality. You find it at the Museo Jumex, which means you can kill two birds with one stone with your visit.

Lincoln Park

If you want a leisurely stroll in a beautiful park, Lincoln Park has water mirrors and fountains. It is large and in good condition, plus it is surrounded by cafes and restaurants so that your departure is complete.

These are just some of the many things to do after buying your apartment in Polanco. Enjoy the area to the fullest and discover all it has to offer those who live in Polanco and surroundings.