Polanco apartment

Discover what are the advantages of having the perfect place to go shopping a few steps from your apartment in Polanco.

No one can doubt it: shopping malls are here to stay. No matter that they sprout one after another throughout Mexico City, having one near your apartment in Polanco will always be a plus that cannot be ignored. Here we tell you what are those benefits that gives you to have one of these leisure centers not only near where you live, but within your own residential complex.

Goodbye to traffic

Getting around Mexico City has never been easy, and Polanco is not without insufferable traffic jams that make us miss valuable minutes of our day. Moving from one place to another involves getting behind the wheel and going through the stress of navigating our beautiful but extremely busy city. Having a shopping center within your development then becomes a luxury that cannot be overlooked, after all, no one has enough to save a little time.

Full security for you and your loved ones

Polanco is not only one of the most attractive areas of Mexico City, it is also one of the safest. Still, it’s never enough when it comes to our family’s safety. Having a mall in your residential complex means living in a place full of security cameras that are monitored twenty-four hours a day, every day. In addition, access for emergency units such as patrols or ambulances are more agile in shopping centers, which means that any emergency or eventuality can be resolved more quickly.

Diverse dining options near you

Cooking is an activity that not all of us have the time or ability to practice, and having food options near our apartment in Polanco is essential in our days. There are many possible options to solve this problem: choosing a restaurant and moving to where you are means spending time that we do not always have, and asking for delivery it involves waiting at least an hour for our food to arrive – sometimes half cold – at our doorstep. Having restaurants for all types of palates and tastes just a few meters from the comfort of your armchair then becomes an option that only those who have a shopping center within their development can afford to choose.

All entertainment in one place

People usually choose the moments they spend inside a mall based on the time they have available, which is usually not much. Bringing the family together, getting behind the wheel, choosing the activities of the day, all of that involves an organization that can limit time and entertainment options. With a shopping center almost at the doors of your apartment, it is enough to have one space a day to enjoy the multiple experiences offered by a place like these. Cinema, gym, restaurants and shops, all available any day, every day.

As you can see, the benefits are unbeatable. In Miyana Comercial, you will find an excellent commercial offer in entertainment, retail, restaurants and lifestyle for your whole family, including pet, a few steps from your apartment in Polanco.