Polanco apartment

An apartment in Polanco is the ideal place to move if you come from another country and here we tell you why

Moving outside of your home country always involves a monumental change in how your life unfolds. The culture, language, food and lifestyle of an entire community are always aspects to take into account to make such a crucial decision, as much as the specific neighborhood you are going to choose for it. Polanco is, without a doubt, one of the best colonies that anyone can choose to buy an apartment.

Here are four points to consider if you’re still hesitating to take that decisive step of moving into an apartment in Polanco.

Endless possibilities for leisure

Parks, museums, galleries, shopping malls. We are not talking about places that you can find anywhere in Mexico City, but about the most exclusive and cosmopolitan entertainment places in all of Latin America. The Soumaya Museum, Miyana Comercial, Lincoln Park or Presidente Masaryk Avenue are just some of the places that are part of the most visited attractions in the whole city by foreigners and locals alike, all of them within the same area of your apartment in Polanco.

Luxury housing offer

It is one of the colonies with the highest housing surplus value in the whole country. Buying an apartment in Polanco is synonymous with an absolute guarantee of investment in the medium and long term, since it has residential complexes of a luxury and architectural level that will leave you speechless, and that make them an unbeatable option for anyone who wants to increase the value of their heritage.


If there is a differential in Mexico City that stands out above many other cities in the world, it is the good reception that is given to anyone, no matter where they come from. Polanco is no exception, being also a colony in which cultural diversity can be perceived in every corner. As a foreigner, there is no doubt that you will find your place within the community, nor that the residents of the colony will make you feel like part of the family.

World-class gastronomy

It is not an exaggeration when it is said that in Polanco you eat like you can not do anywhere else in the world. The gastronomic offer of this colony brings together several of the most exclusive and emblematic restaurants in the country, and will leave you amazed not only by the flavor of their dishes of the highest level of excellence, but also by the luxury and exclusivity of these places.

Restaurants as the emblematic Au Pied de Cochon, the innovative and luxurious Garum, or the world-renowned Quintonil; are just a few of the hundreds of places polanco has for you, whether you want to experiment with gastronomy from anywhere in the world or prefer to settle in a place where you can feel at home.