Miyana Residential

Find out about the best options for the little ones in your family that come included with your apartment in Polanco.

Buying a luxury apartment in Polanco involves taking into account many factors, always with the intention of fulfilling as much as possible our expectations and those of our family around what “quality of life” means to us. At Miyana Residencial we know the importance of these desires, and that is why we took on the task of creating the perfect development in which you and yours will feel full and safe. Here we list a top of the amenities that your children will love.

Toy library

The importance of having such a space for your children has been tested and rectified by educators, psychologists and pediatricianss for generations. The playful and entertaining environment of this space can positively impact the socio-emotional development of children, resulting in a growth in their social skills and how they develop in coexistence with other children outside the controlled environment of schools. Our toy library has safe surfaces for the little ones, interactive games, coexistence tables and elements full of life and color that will make this space one of the favorites of your children.

Wading pool

Not many children do not enjoy playing in the water. It is one of the most fun activities for our children, who will always find the perfect excuse to put on their swimsuit. But in addition to all the fun that a splash pad can offer, there are also additional benefits that favor your physical development. The rules of movement are different underwater, which means that our little ones must recalculate each step, each turn and jump; this helps to strengthen their motor functions, improve their coordination and develop their creativity, all in a safe and relaxed environment.

Homework room

Creating a suitable space to perform the task is very important for the intellectual stimulation of children. There are many ways to create these types of spaces at home, within our own department, but studying and doing homework always in the same place can lead to frustration and stagnation, which generates a negative impact on their educational performance. A change as simple as moving to another space to do homework or study for an exam can make all the difference, meaning that having a homework room in your own residential development can become an essential tool to get out of the rut.


Having a park in the vicinity of our home is necessary for all of us who have children. The importance of these spaces is essential in the emotional, intellectual and social development of children. But even with the proximity of these spaces, there is not always enough time to move and dedicate the time it takes to monitor our children in a public space. This causes a recreational playground to become a must for any family, and in Miyana Residencial we have the ideal space for your children to play and have fun under the security provided by a development like ours.

At Miyana Residencial we care about your comfort and that of your family. Come and know all our amenities so that you can convince yourself that here we have the home of your dreams.