Polanco apartment

The use of wallpaper is becoming a trend in recent years, but does it look good in an apartment in Polanco?

When you’re just moving into a new apartment, it’s always important to give a personal touch to the spaces around you. It is possible that if you just bought a luxury apartment in Polanco, you feel that you need to give it a twist so that the place belongs to you completely. In that sense, wallpaper has become a decorative element widely used for those who have their own place that they can change, but who do not have the time to paint walls.

Placing wallpaper on a wall is a more important decision than it seems, because traditional paper has glue that can damage the original paint on the walls. For this reason, many do not want to use it, much less in places where they pay rent. But if you have your own luxury apartment in Polanco, you can appeal to your adventurous spirit and launch yourself to use it knowing that you are in a place that belongs to you completely.

There is also wallpaper that is removed more easily, it is of recent manufacture and its disadvantage is that because it is new, it still does not have as many options as traditional paper, but enough designs so that you find something you like. This paper doesn’t remove paint from walls when you no longer want it.

Wallpaper is a good choice when you want to incorporate patterns full of personality into your spaces. However, you’d better choose one that you like enough to watch for many years to come.

Wallpaper or paint: what looks better in your apartment in Polanco?

The walls are the largest area of any apartment, they are important in interior design and at the same time have the particularity of being little prone to change: giving them a twist season after season is not practical, and unlike the rest of your house, they will have a consistent color or texture. Therefore, the decision to choose paint or wallpaper for the walls is very important.

One of the obvious advantages of wallpaper over painting is that wallpaper allows you to add patterns that the paint cannot, that means that you will make sure to give the wall a very bold or symbolic personality as the case may be. This will give a different touch to any room. Wallpaper, depending on which one you choose, can also add texture – real or fake – to your walls. Some have intricate details that can completely change the look of a place.

On the other hand, wallpaper is also durable. Paint, especially white paint, can become decarshaped, dirty, and damaged over time, while paper will potentially be more durable if placed well, and won’t fade soon.

And while wallpaper serves in older houses or apartments to cover damage, in a luxury apartment in Polanco that is also new, it is rather a matter of aesthetics and practicality.

The downside of wallpaper is that removing it can be difficult, therefore, when choosing it you must be sure that you want to have a long-term commitment to that look. Removing the paper can be tedious because it sticks well, even the one that is not traditional, so it is best that you like the chosen one enough that you do not want to remove it at the first opportunity. It is also important that you consider that wallpaper is vulnerable to moisture, but in a new apartment in a luxury construction, this should not be a problem.

The bottom line is that if you want to give a unique personality to your spaces, choose an accent wall to place a wallpaper there that reflects that. Let your apartment in Polanco have a unique style.