Polanco apartment

After buying your apartment in Polanco, take advantage of these tips to enjoy the area

Moving to Polanco can be very exciting if it’s your first time in the area: it’s a fresh start in the heart of Mexico City. In that sense, we want to help you discover how to get the most out of your apartment in Polanco and the area that surrounds it, and give you tips to make your move more profitable.

Polanco is known for being the most vibrant and relevant place in the city. Therefore, you will find everything: from recognized and important business centers to schools of the highest educational level, entertainment for the whole family, museums, galleries, bars and an extraordinary gastronomic offer. Having all this is amazing, but what should you consider to get the best out of it?

Do an investigation of the area

Moving to Polanco means immersing yourself in a new and different place. Discover everything that the area has, from what are the businesses that exist there – they could make you want to change jobs to one closer to where you live – and also what there is to entertain you. But more important than that, research the safest times to walk on the street or in your car, although it goes without saying that Polanco is a very quiet place. Research blogs and magazines more about the area.

Know the traffic of the place

Since before you move, you should be very clear about what the peak hours are and when there is more traffic. We also recommend you to know the streets well so that you know which ones are easier to travel. Polanco is such a recognized and important place for the day to day of the CDMX, that usually there is always traffic in some specific streets. Know well what they are so that you avoid unnecessary stress both on the day of your move and in everyday life.

Find out how much you’re going to spend

Having an apartment in Polanco means that you will experience a lifestyle very different from other areas. Polanco has different costs compared to other places, so it is advisable to review the costs in supermarkets, restaurants and other places that frequent so that you readjust your budget.

Find your tribe

The best way to acclimatize to a place is to become an active part of your community. If what you are interested in is yoga, look for a gym that has that and go to classes, if you like art, look for workshops in galleries and if you like to read, book clubs in the area. That will help you a lot to make new friends in the place where you live, connect with people and feel welcome faster.

Adopt a safe space

After touring and exploring Polanco, adopt a bookstore, cafeteria or restaurant where you can shelter when you need a break. Having a place where you feel completely comfortable can make you feel amazing and engaged in the community.

Moving to your new apartment in Polanco, in Miyana Residencial, comes with many benefits; not only for the amenities and the luxuriousness of the place, but because you will be in touch with everything that the area has to offer. It is clear that your whole life will change, but it will do so in the best of senses.