Polanco apartment

Buying an apartment in Polanco is a smart investment

For many years now, real estate investing has been considered one of the smartest and most fruitful investments. Not only do you insure your wealth with a purchase, but you also ensure that you have some constant cash flow if you decide to rent it or you can have a great return on investment if you decide to sell it. Buying an apartment in Polanco was always considered the symbol of maximum status in real estate, but there are always doubts about decisions as important as this.

With the new normal and the inevitable crisis left by the pandemic, many began to wonder if buying an apartment was actually a good option. However, the purchase and sale of properties remains constant and it is still possible to achieve the dream of buying an apartment in Polanco. In spite of everything, it is time to invest and stop delaying the purchase process.

Real estate is considered essential property, that is, it is an asset that is not despised and that, on the contrary, generates surplus value, especially if it is in a good area like Polanco. This does not usually happen with other goods or assets that can stagnate your money. There is always an increase in supply when it comes to houses or apartments.

And why is it good to invest in Polanco? This specific area of Mexico City is very particular, because it is considered one of the most luxurious and valuable. Polanco has an economic and tourist development that almost never stops, well-kept roads, prestigious shops. All this increases the surplus value of real estate, with the promise that whoever lives in Polanco will have a better quality of life and will be able to bequeath a great patrimony to their family in the future.

The location of an apartment in Polanco is unbeatable because it is surrounded by all the best of the cosmopolitan culture of the city. But on top of that, investing in a luxury development ensures access to amenities ready to be enjoyed by those who inhabit it. There are developments with exclusive amenities that go out of the mold, and that also help increase surplus value.

Another of the great advantages of buying an apartment in Polanco, and that it is also new or in a luxury development, has to do with maintenance costs, which are lower compared to what you would spend on a house. Even if you’re going to rent it, as long as you choose the right tenant, maintenance costs will stay low.

Today, the profitability index is higher in an apartment in Polanco. There are more and more people looking for an apartment because they live alone, are small families or will share it only with another person, therefore, they need to economize the space. If you have a good relationship between the quality of the property and the price, it will be difficult for you to delay in renting it.

The departments, in addition, usually have a lot of security. The buildings are protected by entry and exit controls, closed television systems and other technologies that allow you to live with tranquility.

For all this, buying an apartment in Polanco is a smart investment. Do not wait any longer and get to know Miyana Residencial, where your next investment is.