Polanco apartment

Are you thinking of buying an apartment in Polanco? We tell you what it will be like to live in the area

Most of those living in Mexico City have wondered at least once what the experience of living in Polanco would be like. The area has long been the symbol of luxury, glamour and culture in the city. Its beautiful apartments, houses, embassies, art galleries and top-notch shops make the place valuable and exciting. Buying an apartment in Polanco is the dream of many and if you are lucky enough to be able to fulfill it, then a life of the highest quality awaits you.

The first thing you should know about living in Polanco is that it is an area where you will see a lot of movement. As there are many offices and businesses, it is normal that there is always great traffic on the streets, both pedestrian and automotive. The traffic is dense, and this can sometimes be the only point against living there, but it is compensated by security and that, despite everything, it is a place that in residential matters is quiet and private. In addition, it is always good to live in a place that is so alive.

If the reason to buy an apartment in Polanco is because you work in the area and want to avoid those congestions, then it will be easier for you to walk while enjoying parks, views and shop windows.

Another thing that distinguishes life in Polanco is access to culture. Many gallery owners have found in the area a very open place for art and very attractive for collectors. In addition to that, it is clear the interest of the people who live in Polanco to know well the emerging artists, and also the veterans who have work for sale. Therefore, by buying an apartment in Polanco you also acquire fast track for this interesting cultural world.

As for entertainment, Polanco is not far behind. Whether you want to go shopping or want to eat in a good place, you will never be short of options. The streets of Polanco are full of quality shops. There is no cafeteria that disappoints, much less a luxury restaurant where it is not worth eating. Polanco is home to the restaurants of many renowned chefs and you can also find food from anywhere in the world to explore new flavors.

As for shopping, there are many shopping malls. Miyana Residencial has Miyana Comercial, where you will find a wide range of shops and entertainment. But if you want to explore other squares, there are always more options around.

Buying an apartment in Polanco is also synonymous with tranquility, because in the area there are some of the best hospitals and private practices for any type of eventuality.

Finally, we can say that if you have a family, in Polanco you will find the best educational institutions, with many different options for the type of teaching you want for your children.

Living in Polanco is an adventure, you will never get bored because you will always find something to do and where to go near you. Buying apartment in Polanco to enjoy all this is easy with Miyana Residencial.