Polanco apartment

Establish a fitness routine in your apartment in Polanco

One of the most important benefits when buying an apartment in Miyana Residencial, is the gym that is among our exclusive amenities. When choosing what amenities we were going to include in our development, we focused on those things that could give you a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle. With Miyana, having an apartment in Polanco also means acquiring a lifestyle beneficial to you.

Health should always be a priority for us. Exercising at least twenty minutes is essential for our body to be in the best possible condition. However, if you’re not used to a routine or going to a gym, you may need help getting started. We tell you how you can make the most of this Space of Miyana Residencial that comes with your apartment in Polanco, and how to overcome the neglect.

Set a fixed schedule

The success of any new habit depends a hundred on making it recurrent and daily. Always choosing the same time can help you, so consciously choose a time of day in which you know that you can take at least twenty minutes without interruptions around 21 days (what is necessary for something to become a habit). Preferably, take advantage of the morning.

Choose your outfit from the night before

One of the infallible tips for those who want to start exercising, is to have chosen the sportswear that you are going to wear the next day from one night before. This influences that we eliminate an unnecessary decision making when we wake up, which could cause us laziness or indecision. By having your chosen clothes you skip a step that can sometimes stop you, and remove an excuse from the list.

Choose beautiful equipment to accompany you

You can find motivation in the things you carry with you, such as the thermos in which you drink water or the electronic devices that help you mark your progress. Choose accompaniment equipment that makes you happy and motivates you, the same applies with your sportswear. This will give you a push.

Prepare a snack for after exercising

Store in the cooler a healthy snack that helps you recover energy after exercising. One of the advantages of having a gym within the development is that you will be back in your apartment very quickly. Thinking about the delicious snack that awaits you at home will help motivate you too.

Find out what type of exercise you like best

Not everyone is motivated by the same type of exercise. Give yourself time as you establish the habit to figure out which exercise you like best: some get excited about cardio, some get excited about weights, and there are those who enjoy building endurance. We all have different passions, finding yours and focusing on it will help you stay motivated.

Remember that your access to the gym is a privilege

An apartment in Polanco means that you will have access to many benefits, remind yourself that the gym is one of them and that not everyone is lucky enough to have a gym within their development, that you do not have to move anywhere or leave home to be in shape.

In addition to a gym, your apartment in Polanco in Miyana Residencial also includes access to a jogging track, pilates room, soccer field, pool and other amenities so you can find the ideal sport for you. The important thing is that you stay in shape and take care of your health.