apartment in polanco

If you do not know whether to buy an apartment in Polanco or a house, we can help you decide

If it’s time to change houses and finally make the purchase of your dreams, but you don’t know whether to buy an apartment or house, then you may need a little clarity to make the decision. Living in an apartment in Polanco can be the best experience, do you want to know what are the signs that you should take that step? We tell you about them.

You live alone or have a small family

In this case, the apartments are usually more comfortable because then the space is not wasted. It is better to have a place where you can move freely but that is not complicated in terms of maintenance and cleaning. If you live alone, with your partner, or have only one or two children, an apartment may be the option. In Miyana Polanco we have different sizes that adapt to different lifestyles.

If you prefer to be minimalist and are not an accumulator

The apartments are for people who prefer to live in an environment as orderly and minimalist as possible. If you are not characterized by gathering many material things and keeping useless things for years, and on the contrary you are a person who has useful and significant belongings but without accumulating, then an apartment is an ideal space for you.

If you value the sense of community

Some people choose to buy a house over an apartment because they value solitude, however, there are people who like to be in community and who prefer the closeness of people and the idea of belonging to a certain group. Those types of people do well in developments.

If you want to have gym, spa and restaurant nearby

Amenities are one of the biggest draws of the developments. Buy Polanco apartment, and specifically in Miyana Residencial, means that you will have access to the best amenities, the most exclusive and complete. If you prefer to have a gym, courts, beauty salon, spa, pool and jacuzzi or recreational rooms for your children, then it is better for you to buy an apartment than a house.

If you prefer to leave maintenance and security in the hands of professionals

Talking about maintenance and safety can mean extra expenses and work if you buy a home that doesn’t come with those benefits. Buying a luxury apartment in Polanco in a top-notch development means you won’t have to worry about these details because they will be covered.

How many of these points resonated with you? If you identify with the majority, then it means that you should buy an apartment above a house, because you will feel more comfortable, relaxed and happy in one.